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Dreamline Suites is a full-service corporate housing and vacation rental management company for premier properties in the central Alabama area. When people visit Montgomery they want to experience what it’s like to be a local.  We give them that experience by providing the amenities and services of a hotel, but through privately owned properties, like yours.

If your property is selected for our program, we will provide you with the consistent, long-term rental income you’ve come to expect, plus many additional benefits mentioned below.

The Guests

Our guests generally visit from out of the area, and typically stay for 1-6 nights. Once they’ve provided their ID and are approved by us, they book their stay. After each guest departs, your property is thoroughly cleaned to the highest standards by our professional cleaning company, at no cost to you.

Sit back and relax.
We’ll handle it all.

We take care of everything.

There’s zero management or time involvement for you.
Every aspect of our service is handled entirely by our team.


What’s the catch?

There is none! There are no fees or hidden costs to you at any time. We only want to work with you if you love our proposal.

Thank you for considering Dreamline Suites.